The dreaded lisp

Confession time. I had a lisp for most of my childhood. It took three years of speech therapy to break my habit. It was really hard, but  my teacher made it very clear that I would never be taken seriously if I kept my lisp.

Twelve years later and now I´m being ordered to lisp. I am still caught off guard hearing so many people speaking with lisps. I can hear my old speech teacher saying ¨they´ll never get jobs with those lisps.¨ A part of me is afraid to get comfortable lisping again. What if I can´t stop?

Here´s my HeSo lesson I´m taking away from this. It´s a stretch, but bear with me. People are always going to try and change you. You´re never perfect enough. But sometimes what you have been told is a flaw, might be considered attractive to someone else. Appreciate your excentricities. Now say that with a lisp!

See, even Megan Fox has a lisp

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  1. ¡Es verdad! Pero pienso que la professora estuve correcto. Ella estaba hablando solamente de las Estados Unidos.

    Quisiero mas detailes de la familia en Salamanco con quien estas viviendo.


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