My wounded HeSo

Yep. Not so pretty. This picture sums up how I´m feeling right now. I studied verb tenses for six hours yesterday. When I came home to my host family I tried to use what I learned and I  went blank.  I just had four hours of grammar class. I kind of understood the first hour. The last last three hours were just kicking a dead horse. A very tired, dead horse. A tired, stupid, dead horse.

Sometimes I think what´s the point. I´ll never learn Spanish. It´s too complicated. I can barely speak English. But I will prevail. As my friend from Turkey told me when he saw me coming out of class looking like I just ran a marathon, ¨Pena es antes de divertido.¨ (pain is before fun)

Maybe my headache has nothing to do with grammar. Maybe it´s because this is what´s considered a ¨glass¨of wine here:Anyways, I feel bad complaining about my time here. And since I don´t want that horrible picture of me to haunt you, I´ll leave you with a much nicer one:

That´s what I see when I walk home every night. Can´t complain.


  1. I remember days like that when I was learning Spanish. I did become fluent with a native-like accent, so it is not an impossible feat. If you ever need any encouragement just ask. 🙂 I know what it feels like. I’m currently living in Korea and trying to learn Korean. Imagine your brain trying to memorize the verbs when it is not even used to reading the characters yet. LOL


    1. Wow I can´t even imagine learning Korean. I like you´re blog – I´m going to read it more thoroughly when I have more time. I´m a gemini too!


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