Things get worse for New Yorkers

Would anyone watch a reality show where a guy gets stranded in a house with his girlfriend’s parents for 5 days with no electricity or water? I would. I wish there were cameras set up in my parents house right now, but, oh wait, there´s no power.

So while I was complaining about having to stay in Madrid for some extra days, and writing stories under the moonlight and drinking wine, Mike was stuck with the wrath of Hurricane Irene. Public transportation isn’t working, and there’s no electricity or water. He took the cats up with him, and my dad has a wine cellar, so I think he’ll make it.

The warriors boys from Lord of the Flies.

I picture Mike and my parents sitting around a fire made from salvaged bits of furniture. They’re playing truth or dare. Or maybe it’s gotten more serious than that. They’ve run out of clothing and now they’re wearing cat pelts, and running around hunting each other, Lord of the Flies style. I wonder if they made allies. Would my parents team up against him, or has he managed to break the marital bond? Are the neighbors involved. They live next to a horse barn. Have they stolen the horses and sieged Bedford Hills?

Thank god I´m in civilized Spain. I watched My Best Friend’s Wedding in Spanish last night. I drank Sangria in the Plaza Mayor. I enjoyed water and electricity. So by all accounts, my life is a lot better than most.