I love the fall

It’s that time of year! Have you ever noticed that just adding “fall” in font of an item instantly makes it more romantic? These are some instances where I caught myself gratuitously throwing in the word fall:

“Would you like some fall soup?”-referring to sweet and sour soup.

“A nice fall cup of coffee,” – referring to foldgers.

“Yesterday I bought a beautiful fall blanket, and a pair of sexy fall boots.” – yes, they’re really sexy!

“Look at my fall cats!” – that doesn’t even make sense.

OK maybe I’m a little obsessed. Fall fall fall! I love it. It just makes you do a little dance. Whenever the seasons change I feel like I’m on vacation, and suddenly everything is new and exciting! But as much as I love the fall I have no traditions associated with it. I’ve never gone apple picking, I don’t like carving pumpkins (yuk!), and there’s no piles of leaves to jump into when you’re living in the city. But I would like to start a tradition. Any ideas? What do you do every fall?

Taken in Arkansas City, KS by stelon


  1. Tracy – u and mike have to go apple picking!! I love going to a big farm, doing a tractor ride, walking the apple tree fields and tasting all the different kinds. Then I challenge myself tones food dishes to add apples too. Chicken with apples, pork with then, pies, crisps art projects (u can make them into stamps). Try it. U can even make cocktails. U can borrow my kids if u like. Ooh and do a corn maze and haunted house! I lOve fall too!


  2. I love love love the Fall too. There’s something so refreshing about the crisp newness of everything. And then there are the sweaters. I love sweater weather. Fall is perfection.
    And heck, I like the sound of Fall cats- why not.


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