A moratorium on television

If you’ve ever been unemployed you know the dangerous lure of the television. At first you think, oh this is so naughty I’m watching t.v. while it’s still light out ohhhh. Pretty soon your day revolves around watching The View. You plan to go grocery shopping but you want to watch that new show called The Chew (which is just an annoying version of The View). All of a sudden your watching Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, the Nate Show, and anything else Oprah ever spun off. And believe me, none of these shows are good.

You know it’s bad when you’re watch four episodes of King of Queens in a row. Before you know it prime-time starts and an entire day can go by and all you’ve done is sent an email, and heated up some old soup.

T.V. is a way to zone out; to forget about your responsibilities, your dreams, and anything else that takes time and energy. Being unemployed is scary. Thinking about your future and what you want from life is scary. Watching t.v. is a way to numb those fears. It’s a way to live a half life, a passive life. The days go by without you making any decisions beyond which channel to watch.

But I made a choice to leave my job so I can actively pursue a career that I love. I knew that it would be scary, so I just need to face that fear. I’m calling a moratorium on daytime t.v. It’s time to get shit done. If you are unemployed too, I ask that you join me.

P.S. Sorry, Barbara Walters. I really liked your show. You kept me informed on all the hot topics. I guess I’ll just need to pick up a newspaper from now on. It won’t be the same without all the bickering, but oh well.





  1. I do need to rid myself of some of my bad tv habits. Why does reality tv have to be so addictive?? Since you’re doing it, I’ll try to do the same. We can hold each other accountable. 🙂


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