Inspired by the marathon

On Sunday, Mike and I rode our bikes with our neighbors to the Pulaski bridge to watch the marathon runners hit mile 14. The idea of running 26.2 miles (in the cold) seems impossible to me, but right in front of my eyes I watch thousands of people doing the impossible. Some were wearing Forest Gump outfits, some were talking on their cell phones (really?), but most were wearing a huge smile.

2011 NYC marathon

If I only saw one person running the marathon I would have thought that person is special and there’s no way I could do that. But 46,536 people completed the marathon. When you see all those people it makes you feel like you can do it too. Take some inspiration from the amazing runners.  No one runs a marathon the first time they go for a jog around the block. Every great feat needs a plan of action, commitment and patience. Everyone can succeed with these simple tools.

If you’re writing a novel look at the sheer volume of published works. If you’re trying to lose weight, go online and read thousands of people’s success stories. If you’re starting a new business walk down a commercial street and recognize that every store, and everything in that store was created by a person with a crazy idea. You are not alone. You are just another person in an amazing marathon. And maybe take another cue from the runners – they had hundreds of people cheering them on. Don’t be afraid to ask people to support you.

Nate with his metal for crossing the finish line.

We went to cheer on our friend Nathan, who sold us our awesome bikes. It was so exciting to see a friend amoung the masses, and we rung our bike bells like crazy! I remember when he first mentioned that he wanted to run the marathon. At first I didn’t take it seriously, but soon enough he was running double digit miles every day and cutting out alcohol and other things that would slow him down. When we saw him run past he made it look effortless, but I know it took extreme dedication, motivation, sacrifice and persistence.


  1. 46,536?? Wow, that would be incredible to see! I have never thought of it like that. Like you, I had always thought of that 1 person that was good enough, or crazy enough, to be able to do it. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post with us.


    1. Wow 2 marathons! I know a lot of people who run it once just to cross it off their bucket list, but if you run it twice it must be pure love of running.


      1. I’ve run several. It’s truly an amazing experience (but one that costs about 6 months of my life and at least $1000 each time so I decided to stop). I do absolutely love running. There’s nothing better. And it’s an awesome group activity as well…didn’t you just love the feeling out there in the City on race day? It’s exhilarating!


  2. Please know that the time spent isn’t really counted as time lost but time gained being healthy instead of sitting in front of the tv, or at the bar, shopping or playing video games…the cost can be cheap as well. NYC cost $175 or go visit friends or family. I went to see my family and ran the Syracuse marathon this year and the cost was $50 pre-registration…Running shoes can be no more than $100 if you want and tehy will last the year.. I could spend that with one dinner and drinks. For all those interested, you won’t be sorry after finishing…


    1. I totally agree Jeff – you can run a marathon in your own town and not spend $1,000 to do it. I was finding that the choices I made around which marathons I chose and other expenses like participating in a training program, gear for the race, gear at the race, new shoes, travel to a far away city, and making a “trip” out of it was how I liked to do it. It’s a big deal after all. It’s totally worth it and a great use of time if you’ve got it. I cheer on every friend who says they could never run a marathon and then does it (because I was one of those people!)


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