Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my great friends and neighbors, Hannah and Matthias.  As I watched Hannah maneuver the giant moving truck down our cramped street I had to hold back the tears.

The sad thing is it would have been easy to not have a friendship with them. There are so many people who I see on a regular basis and all I do is smile and say hi. I’ve never made an effort to meet my neighbors before. Fortunately for us, my landlord said that we have a lot in common and we would get along. That was enough for me to consistently knock on their door and burrow my way into their lives. Otherwise they would have remained strangers, and when they moved out yesterday I would have thought, that nice couple’s leaving oh well.

Even though it’s hard to let them go  I’m glad I got to know them.  They are truly thoughtful, genuine, funny people and it was so nice to hang out without having to take the subway :). But I can’t help wondering how many other great potential relationships I’m avoiding because I never take the next step. If there is someone you see every day, take the time to ask them a question about themselves. Maybe even invite them to do something with you. They could turn out to be an amazing friend, but you’ll never know unless you start the friendship.