Why Challenges are Necessary

A wise, old man stood with a bird perched on his arm. When the bird was about to take off, the man pulled his arm away, and the bird fell to the ground. Why? Because the bird needed the resistance of the arm to push off.

This is how I’m choosing to looking at the recent financial challenges of starting my own business. I need resistance before I can take flight. Knowing that I can’t afford to produce the BeddyBye product the way I originally designed it is making me rethink the design. I believe that I will come up with a smarter, sleeker, more profitable design because of this set back. I’ve already gone back to the drawing board – my kitchen table.

Sometimes it’s good not to have all the money you need. I remember when my mom first started to produce shows she happened upon a musical that was in the workshop phase. She loved it instantly (even though there were major flaws in the story), and if she had millions of dollars to spare she would have produced it immediately. Instead, she needed to work with the writers to improve the story line in order to get more investors interested.

Ultimately the project dissolved because of creative differences, but the script ended up much improved, and during the process my mom  was exposed to another show that she is now producing (which is going to be super successful, just you wait!!!), and she met lots of people who will help her succeed as a producer. If she had the money right away she would have produced a show that probably would have flopped, and she would have wasted millions of dollars. Not having the money forced her to learn and grow, and now she’s ready to take flight.

If it sounds like I’m pushing this “challenges are great” shtick it’s because I am. Right now I’m in a phase where it would be very easy to drop the whole project. That is why I need to convince myself that this is all for the best. My hope is that this can motivate you when you reach a difficult phase in accomplishing your dream.


  1. I think that you have made a wise decision to try modifying the design using what you now know about the production phase. Good luck!


  2. Alas, I had to give up on the project once I learned that I couldn’t get safety approval.
    But don’t worry…I’m still flying


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