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At my gym there’s posters everywhere telling me the benefits of working out with a friend. I know they’re just trying to get more people to sign up, but it’s not total b.s. Having a partner in a large goal helps you stay accountable, and keeps you working even when you feel like quitting. Also, it’s just more fun. If you don’t believe me read this article.

And that brings me to the HeSo project. When I first started posting about wanting to find a career that made me feel happy and fulfilled, I sought out other blogs with similar themes. I looked at them as my work out buddies. Two that stood out were Logy Express and Tara’s 30 Blog. Both writers had goals of having more fun and creativity in their lives. Both asked, is it possible to get paid to do what you love? Although we never stated explicitly that we would motivate each other, they have left me supportive comments, and I have been encouraging them.

Recently they both broke through on what they want to do. Logy started taking her love of ice cream more seriously and took a course in ice cream 101. Tara started a website called Horizon Speaking and she will be coaching people on public speaking. I’m proud of them, and I’m very encouraged by their movement forward. It reminds me to keep up 🙂

If you have a daunting dream or goal that’s easy to give up on, I encourage you to find a partner. Find someone who shares that same goal and can motivate you when you’re feeling down, and vice versa. I guarantee you’ll get much further.

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” – Frank A. Clark


  1. I’m super behind on my reader…and posts like this are why I feel I can’t just “declare Google Reader bankruptcy.” Thanks, I’m honored to be your work(out) buddy. If you’re ever in the area, you should stop by to test some ice cream!


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