Valentine’s Day

I swore I wouldn’t let this blog become an account of daily, mundane life: no posts about what I had for lunch yesterday. But Valentine’s day is an exception!

Oprah says, everybody just wants to be heard. Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that reminds you that your partner really hears you. I had mentioned to Mike that I wanted fancy chocolates. No one has ever bought me nice chocolates, so I really wanted some Godiva action. Mike exceeded expectations. He brought me an amazing box from Xocolatti in Soho. It came with an owner’s manual! Each truffle had a card describing the flavors and origins of the ingredients. I tried the basil olive oil truffle last night (with gold flakes!) and it was amazing! He’s also taking me to see the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

My yummy truffles complete with owner's manual!

As for me, I made Mike a manly meal! Steak au Poirve, the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had (who knew cream cheese completely changes this dish. I also added the leftover pepper and fennel seed mix from the steak),  string beans and then for dessert, a little thing I like to call cookie pie. He’s also getting a surprise on Saturday.

It's totally worth it to see that smile!

Cookie pie!!!

Reilly was a very polite third wheel. He was hoping to get some steak.

We finished the evening with an episode of Downton Abbey. Nothing says romance like a stiff upper lip! I hope you had a special valentine’s day! And because I believe in dressing the part, here’s my new apron:

Notice the adorable cats on this apron from Sur la Table!


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  1. “He brought me an amazing box from Xocolatti in Soho. It came with an owner’s manual!”
    An owner’s manual?
    For chocolate?
    By the way, great dish in that last shot!
    The food looked good too!


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