I have been wagged, and I liked it.

One of the things I love about living in the city is that I don’t need a car. Whenever I make an expensive purchase I think to myself, “well at least I don’t have car payments,” or “this is still cheaper than what I would have paid for gas if I had a car.” Yes, I’ve wasted quite a lot of money using this rationale.

The only time I wish I had a car is when I do my biweekly pet supply run. I have to drag 30lbs of kitty litter for a quarter mile. And then run back to get the wet and dry food. I’ve tried using a rolling cart but the wheel fell off when I was hoisting all this weight over a curb.

But then the clouds parted and the choir sang and an ad for Wag.com appeared before me.

I was skeptical at first. The website claimed to deliver pet supplies within 1-2 days free of charge. I figured it would be super expensive, but it was the same exact price as what I’m paying at Petland discount, plus the the bulk stuff is even cheaper!

We spent our Friday night ordering pet food, and we went a little crazy:

Reilly was very excited!

80 lbs of kitty litter

48 cans of wet food

25 lbs of dry food.

Everything arrived the next morning! The warehouse must be across the street from us. When I opened the door the delivery man laughed to himself like he was meeting the biggest nut-job in the world. When he brought in the giant boxes of kitty litter I finally understood his amusement. We might have gone a bit overboard.

I’m afraid if anyone comes to our apartment they’ll know we’re crazy cat people. But actually anyone who talks to us for more than 5 minutes knows that we’re crazy cat people, so we try to hide it?

He even helped us unpack

The best part of this experience was that it was actually exciting to get pet supplies. Mike and I eagerly tore through the boxes and went ohh and ahhh with each bag of cat food we pulled out. It really felt like Christmas.

And this means I won’t need a car ever. Your welcome, mother nature!

If you use my referral code, TRAC0537, not only will I get 10% off my next purchase, they’ll also make a $25 donation to a local pet shelter. How sweet is that?

Wag.com you are my new best friend. And I’m not paid to say that.

Reilly sitting back (on Marla) after a big meal.


  1. Stack all those boxes together to create one megabox, and that is what my first order from wag looked like. Gotta love not having to lug home the litter though!


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