Spend for a Rainy Day

While I was making a lot of money in my former job I went a little groupon crazy. Whenever something sounded remotely interesting I purchased it.

Now that I’ve taken a job that pays one quarter of what I used to make I have a super tight budget and can’t afford to spend money on all my whims. However I still have a few unclaimed groupons.

Even though I’ve stopped buying new clothes and I’ve started making my own lunch, I was able to use a groupon to take a romantic trip to Virginia. It was already paid for so it felt free and super indulgent in the face of my frugality.

I made these! It took a lot of willpower not to eat them all before taking a picture.

On Tuesday night I cashed out one of my groupons and took a French macaron baking class at Dessert Truck. I’m a huge fan of macaroons. Those pretty pastel colors, that sweet earthy taste, that fragile shell, the gooey inside, and the melt in your mouth goodness! Oh god I’m drooling.

Now I appreciate them even more after learning how precise and unpredictable they are. Although Jerome, our instructor, did a great job of making the art of macaron baking approachable and non-pretentious, I still left thinking this is something I’ll leave to the professionals.

I probably wouldn’t have appreciated this treat if I had used the groupon when I was already being super self-indulgent. Using it this week when I was working extra long hours, and being very good about not spending money, felt like the perfect reward.

Sometimes it’s hard to justify spending your saved up money on a rainy day – especially when you don’t know how many rainy days are ahead of you. But it’s important to treat yourself well. So the next time you have a little extra money why not spend it on a future experience for yourself. You never know when you’re going to need a macaron!

p.s. French macarons are not the clunky, overly sweet coconut confections we call macaroons. They’re delicate, heavenly bites of Almond meringue. Not that I don’t like Coconut macaroons as well. I love all desserts 🙂


  1. They look yummy to me. I made a big tray of normal meringues last week, and they were fab, just the right amount of soft and chewy on the inside. Have another go at home, you might surprise yourself!


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