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Most people close to me know that I’m a huge fan of Oprah. Ok I was a little bit obsessed. When I was in high school I rushed home so I wouldn’t miss a minute of her show. I remember thinking I would never be able to have a 9-5 job because then I would miss Oprah (that was before tivo).

There are few other celebrities that have so much dignity, vulnerability, and a continuing drive for self improvement. I find her completely inspiring and I love her for the stories and causes she brings to my attention.

After her show ended (and yes I cried a lot) I got a subscription to O magazine. It was the first magazine I read that wasn’t about celebrity gossip or the best jeans for every figure. In ever glossy issue there’s a reading list, financial/spiritual/ health advice, motivating interviews, eye-opening investigations, and yes, some beauty and fashion. In my eyes, it’s the best magazine out there.

And now for the giveaway… It’s time to renew my subscription, but they gave me the option of sending a free subscription to a friend! I figured I would extend that offer to my blog friends. So if you would like to win a free year subscription to O magazine, please leave a comment telling me about your favorite Oprah moment. On Wednesday at 10pm I will choose a winning comment at random ! Good Luck!!!



  1. Hi Tracy! This is a great giveaway, I’m an Oprah fan too. I didn’t get to watch her shows as often as I would have liked (school, job, life, etc.) but I’ve been positively impacted by her generosity and authenticity. I loved watching her in “The Color Purple,” all of the fabulous interviews with fabulous (and not-so-fab) people, her favorite things giveaway shows were always a blast, and I especially enjoy (still today) her book club. In fact, I started my own with a group of ladies from church last summer and we’re still going strong! I would definitely APPRECIATE a subscription to O magazine!!!! Blessings.

    Nicole @ Three 31


  2. Great idea, Tracy! My favorite memory of Oprah is more a series of memories of me spending time with my mother. Like clockwork, every day at 4:00 my mom and I would climb into bed and watch Oprah together. She would pick me up from elementary school and we would end up with the covers over us, the late afternoon sun still peeking through our window shades, and eyes on Oprah. All afternoon errands either had to happen before 4:00 or after 5:00 because we weren’t missing a minute…especially my personal favorite section, Remembering Your Spirit.


    1. Thank you Kelley for that beautiful story. I can totally picture that sweet moment between you and your mom. I always had to watch Oprah alone because I would cry too much and I was embarrassed 😛


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