My cat judges me.

One of the many containers he’s managed to get into.

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The other day I watched as my cat squeezed his wet little nose into the spout of a box of cat food. When he couldn’t fit his whole head he tried with his front paw. Then the other paw. He studied the frustrating box and then a thought occurred to him, as he knocked the whole thing over. A few kernels of cat food fell out and he chased them all down and devoured them. Then he laid down on his side and sort spooned the box while trying to nuzzle his face deeper into the spout.

All this effort when there was a heaping bowl of the very same cat food right next to him. Why was he making it so difficult?

That got me thinking. Does my cat ever watch me and wonder why I’m doing things the hard way? 

On more than one occasion I’ve caught him staring at me quizzically when I’m stumbling around in the morning trying to get ready for work at an ungodly hour. He’s probably thinking, “hey, there’s a bed right there. Why not take a cat nap?”

When I’m cooking dinner he sits in the sink and watches me chop the vegetables. I know he’s looking at the raw streak and thinking, “helloooo dinner’s right there. What’s with all the extra fuss?”

He continuously tries to pare down my wardrobe by peeing, scratching, and shedding all over my favorite outfits. Deep down I know he does this so I don’t have to waste time wondering what to wear. In his mind he doesn’t understand why I bother with clothes at all.

It does seem like we make our lives unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes I feel like my cat struggling to get food out of the box when there’s a full bowl right next to me. That’s when I have to remind myself that I already have everything I need.


  1. That’s one big cat! I like the way you think…I was reading back through some of your posts and before you knew it…I’d spent 15 minutes. When you follow quite a few blogs…it’s hard to find the time to read everything. Hope your weekend has been great!


    1. Thanks. Actually Reilly is tiny (just 6 pounds). I guess the camera adds 10 pounds. I often get lost in your blog and all the great links you provide. I love blogs…I just have to careful not to spend my whole day in the hydrosphere.


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