Stop using the internet.

If you want to find a job, get off the internet. This is strange for a blogger to say, since most bloggers secretly (or not so secretly) hope that one day a publisher will stumble upon their blog, offer them a million dollar book deal, and Jennifer Connolly will play them in the movie version of their blog. No, that has never crossed my mind.

Until that day comes, one must find a job, and if your one like me, you must find a job that is rewarding, challenging, and passion-worthy. It must be HeSo approved.

When applying for jobs online, I can’t help but feel that I’m putting all my hard work and energy into a black hole. It’s easy to get frustrated and take it personally when organizations completely ignore your application, or give you a canned email response. However companies receive hundreds of applications for mid-level jobs, and while it’s a full time job looking for work, it’s also a full time job looking for employees.

I decided to get more proactive with my job search. I asked my professional friends if they could suggest someone they admire in any work field. One interview led to another, and now I have two interviews set up for next week.

This is a great chance to learn about business fields that you might have over-looked. It’s also a great time to develop your interview skills, and really pinpoint what are your strengths and passions.

I would suggest talking to anyone who’s well connected, or in the field that you want to join. They might not have a job for you, but if they like you, they are bound to refer you to someone who will have a job for you.

I must admit it’s scary doing these interviews. While it takes a lot more time to apply for jobs online, there is something safe and anonymous about that process. You’re really not putting yourself on the line or taking any risks. However, in this economy, employers are looking for people who are confident and take risks, so if you are looking for a job as well, I encourage you to get off the internet and start making connections.


  1. I found out in May that my position was being moved to Vegas. I live in Louisville, and a move was definitely not in my cards! There’s no telling how many online applications I filled out, but I didn’t hear a word back from any of them. However, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a new job, and I had about six different interviews come out of that – including one that led to my current position! It kind of goes against your post because I reached out to my friends via the Internet, but it does reiterate your point that you should utilize the connections you already have!


    1. I’m really glad you were able to find a job with that approach. I think a lot of people are afraid to ask for help from their friends, but most people want to help you.
      P.s. I loved your post about music for the wedding. We made up our “booty-popping” playlist before we picked out anything else for the wedding.It’s a priority.


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