From fundraisers to showers

On Sunday morning I thought I was going to fill my mom’s seat at an Obama fundraiser since she was sick. I woke up extra early and wore my most political-looking dress. My dad picked me up at the train station, and after running a bunch of errands with him, he wanted to check in on my mom before heading to the fundraiser. When I opened the door, I nearly peed in my political-looking dress.

At first I couldn’t make sense of it. I saw a large group of women, and I had no idea who they were, and why they were so happy. And then I started making out individual faces. Hey, that’s Andrea, my friend from elementary school who’s supposed to be in St. Martin! Hey, that’s Callan, my friend from college who’s supposed to be in Baltimore! Hey, that’s Lynn, Mike’s mom! Hey, that’s Mandi, my friend from sleepaway camp! Hey, that’s Hannah, she’s supposed to be seeing her friend’s baby now! It kept going on until I realized this was a surprise bridal shower for me, and I was surrounded by people I love.

I’ve known Andrea and Noelle for a combined 45 years!

I never thought I would enjoy a surprise party because I hate being the center of attention, but this really touched me. I was so honored by how people came from hours away and changed their plans to be there for me. It was incredible seeing people from every stage of my life together in one room. And it was fun figuring out all the lies people told me over the last few weeks to cover this surprise.

A special thanks to my mom and my bridesmaids for putting this together, and for being excellent liars. Thanks to all my girls for going the distance.


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