Go to the dentist

Yesterday I faced my fears and went to the dentist. Nothing churns my stomach quite like the sound of dentist’s tools. Just the smell of the waiting room makes me nauseous. Fortunately  didn’t have any cavities, but the act of holding my mouth wide open with two people sticking probes inside feels so unnatural  and vulnerable, I made them stop after every tooth so I could calm down. Yep, I’m not his favorite client.

The worst part of going to the dentist is the mental video of all the possible forms of torture  that might happen. I have nightmares where my dentist looks at my mouth, shakes his head and says, “These have all got to go.” But going to the dentist is like all things in life: ignoring a problem will only make it worse. Don’t let a cavity become a root canal.

The only thing that made my visit better was the free goodie bag of oral hygiene products. I got the world’s fanciest toothbrush. It has “dual action, flexing probes,” “traction grip handling,” and “ergonomic modeling.” It makes me wonder how anyone cleaned their teeth before, but then I remember that all these extra features are just added so that you’ll pay $5 for a stick with some bristles.

Toothbrushes of the new millennium.

Toothbrushes from the 50s

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  1. Hah! I would scream so loudly that my dentist used to only schedule me as his last patient so I wouldn’t scare other people in the waiting room! Fear of dentist genes seem to be somewhat genetic!


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