I read this post while listening to Obama’s acceptance speech last night, and it really rang true.

Lori Lara

I’ve decided to reblog my July post about today’s election. I’m not usually a political blogger, but I think it’s appropriate today. I hope and pray that before we stare at our televisions for the voting results, we stop and say a humble prayer of thanks to God for allowing us to live the in the best country in the world, and ask Him to guide and strengthen us as we make choices every day. Because we know OUR actions guide the quality of our lives, not a president. May we use our free-will for good.


From July, 2012

There’s a frantic buzz in the air. Everyone is up in arms about the November election. Republicans, Democrats, Independents are battling for our mindshare and each has its air-tight argument as to why it’s the best party. The media personalities are telling us how we should vote, and, boy, they are trying…

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