I created my new job!

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A few weeks ago I was telling my awesome chiropractor that I was looking for a job. He told me to come in for an interview, and to be honest I wasn’t that excited. The idea of scheduling appointments didn’t fit in with any of my job ideals I wrote about in the post If I write it, it will come. I went for the interview anyway because you should never turn down an offer.

As soon as he started talking about what he needs, and I started talking about what I’m good at and what I want to do, we came up with a job that’s perfect for me. I am now the Director of Public Relations for his office! Fancy title, but really I’m setting up workshops, creating partnerships with neighboring businesses, networking with current patients, and monitoring our online presence.

After my first week on the new job, I looked back at my If I write it, it will come post, and I realized I’ve met most of my goals. I never thought I would want a job in PR, but it fits exactly what I wrote,

I want a job that intimidates me. Every day there’s something new to learn and there’s room to grow. I work with a team of energetic, passionate people and there’s always a long-term goal in mind. There’s something new to do every day, and I have some flexibility on my responsibilities and my schedule. I’m very good at noticing what needs to be improved so I would like the authority to be able to make changes. I’m great at organizing people and motivating them, so I would like to be managing several people, but I don’t need to do that right away. I actually enjoy giving presentations and public speaking.

Ok, I’m not meeting my salary goal yet, but as long as I can pay my bills I’m fine with making some sacrifices. The best part of this job (and I didn’t even consider this a priority when writing the original job request to the Universe) is that I’m in a healthy environment. There are always fresh fruits and veggies available, I get free adjustments, and exercise and nutrition are always the focus. I can’t even imagine bringing fast food to work.

I would definitely recommend writing a job request to the Universe, and I would definitely recommend my Chiropractor. If you’re looking for a Chiropractor in NYC I’ll hook you up!


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