Which planning style are you?

Sultan of Morocco, (1845), Musée des Augustins...

Sultan of Morocco, (1845)Photo credit: Wikipedia

As I think about our upcoming honeymoon (we’re going to Morocco for two weeks!) I’m torn between two modes of thinking:

“Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.”

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

I’ve heard stories of people who fly to another country with no reservations and end up meeting an awesome couple and living with them for a week and seeing the “real” parts of the city. I’ve also heard stories of people not knowing that they needed to get a visa before entering a certain country and having to fly back home. Fortunately I’ve learned to straddle the two conflicting planning styles, and had some pretty rocking adventures! I think the key is researching a few things that you’re dying to see, and then leaving every other day free to wander and stumble on cool things.

Which quote best describes your planning style?

On a side note, any suggestions on must-see activities in Morocco? We’re starting out in Marrakesh,  spending three days in the desert, driving to Essaouira for some beach time, then Fez, and then Casablanca. Even as I write this it sounds very planned, but believe me this is restrained for me!



  1. OHMYGOODNESS!!!!! Morocco?! Can I go with you? Pleaseeeeeeee? I promise I will leave you two newlyweds alone, just let me tag along to that beautiful country!!!!! I’ve never been to Morocco but I recently returned from a 10-day tour of Israel and the Holy Land and LOVED it. I didn’t want to leave, but I did miss my Husband at home so I got on that plane. Every trip I seem to enjoy both scheduled events and unplanned surprises. When I am on mission trips in Haiti, several teammates and I go on “walk abouts” where we walk through communities and last October we found a banana plantation and deaf community. Turns out, the deaf community is part of The 410 Project and Mission of Hope, both supporting individuals and families rebuild their lives in safe areas. In Israel, after a long day of touring, a friend and I left our hotel and walked a few blocks to a local restaurant and bar called Hakuna Matata. Appropriate right? Everything’s all right with a little hummus and alcohol!!!!!

    I know you will have a FABULOUS time in Morocco and I hope you’ll take lots of pictures to share once you return. If you decide to let me sneak in your suitcase, I can be ready at a moment’s notice. LOL!!!!!



  2. I like to make sure the must-have details are handled (i.e. knowing I need a Visa, making a reservation at that place I really wanna go that books up way in advance), but then leave the rest to whimsy. Since my work-life is so scheduled, part of the definition of “vacation” for me is doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I choose places where I can sightsee, shop or just lay on the beach all day, depending on the mood. My best vacations are always those where we plan a couple must-dos and leave the rest of the days to chance and random fun : ).


  3. I’m like planning just a little bit, as much as I need not to get lost. but if you’re open-minded, you will already get to know people on the plane and they can tell you which bus to take in marrakesh to get from the airport to the central bus station, so that you don’t need a taxi (just outside the airport, bus number 19 and it drives a round-tour, so if you miss your stop – which you will not, because the bus drivers are awesomely nice and caring – you just go another round) 😉

    so I think you need some plan, but it will change and you should allow it to change with the people you get to know who tell you where it’s awesome to go. also if you’re not into surfing, I would visit taghazout (go by bus to agadir and then by taxi to the small surfers’ village), I would drink some really nice tea at panorama restaurant (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=315813835097780&set=a.159322584080240.36220.100000074983609&type=1&theater) and watch the surfers from above while you’re having the best tajine in town 🙂 it’s really something… and why not ask the guys there to give you a lesson?! :)))


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