Fez was my favorite (outside the medina)

The old city of Fez can be very overwhelming and crowded (we were constantly getting touched and grabbed by strangers), so on our third day we left the city center and headed for the Merenid Tombs. This was only a twenty minute walk from our hotel, but it felt like a different world. If you visit Fez, don’t miss the opportunity to pack a picnic and spend a day in the hills. If you’re not physically active, you can also get a taxi to drive you to the top of the hill for about $10.

2013-03-15 05.34.35

Well worth the hike.

2013-03-15 05.37.27

You can’t help but sing “The Sound of Music” when you walk these hills… at least I couldn’t.

2013-03-15 05.43.25

2013-03-15 06.04.11

You can see all of Fez from these ruins.

2013-03-15 06.22.55

Every family has a specific plot of land where they can dry their leather hides.

2013-03-15 06.29.39

Can you see the leather on the top of the hill?

2013-03-15 06.33.39

Here’s a family collecting their leather. It’s hard to believe my buttery leather coat was once just a stiff piece of skin drying in the sun.

2013-03-15 06.30.02

Fez isn’t as overwhelming from this perspective.

2013-03-15 06.32.31

Amidst the 14th century ruins, sheep and goats graze.

2013-03-15 07.15.23

One of the goats wanted to join our picnic.

2013-03-15 06.37.07

The happy honeymooners!

2013-03-15 07.52.12

The world’s oldest parking spot.