A Meeting in the Snow

Our wedding photographer, Elizabeth Unterman, had the brilliant idea of capturing the moment when Mike and I first saw each other on our wedding day. I know you’re supposed to wait for the big reveal on the aisle, but I loved having this intimate moment before the ceremony. It was a reminder that the wedding was about our love, and not pomp and circumstance.


My lovely bridesmaids helped keep my dress out of the snow. I had to wear my favorite boots!


I could hear his heart beating 🙂


My friend’s face is priceless.


Tracy_and_Mike_Wedding_122Seeing each other before the wedding didn’t take anything away from walking down the aisle. I highly recommend it!


  1. That’s great!!! You guys look so happy!! And I agree, first looks feel really special and intimate :). We did one too and I’m so glad we did!


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