Wedding Fairy Godmother

Do you ever feel like there’s someone eavesdropping on your conversation with the express purpose of making your day? Right before the wedding, I was talking to someone who just got married and she told me that I’d really regret not getting a videographer for the event. I looked it up online and the costs were just too expensive for a last-minute addition.

The next day, my amazing photographer, Elizabeth Unterman, wrote to me to ask if we’d let her friend film our wedding. For real?!? Samantha June from Arius Photo did such an incredible job. I have never seen so much energy and spirit caught on film. Every time I watch the video I feel like I’m right back at the wedding. I cannot believe we almost passed up on getting a video, and the only piece of advice I’d give any bride-to-be is GET A GREAT VIDEOGRAPHER! And if you live in the New York area GET SAMANTHA JUNE!

Now enjoy the world’s best wedding video:

Tracy & Mike’s Wedding Feature Film – Full Moon Resort from samantha june on Vimeo.



  1. Wow, this video gave me chills multiple times. What a magical tribute to a magical weekend–and to a magical love! So happy you and Mike have each other, and that I get to have you both in my life.


    1. Thanks for giving everyone who couldn’t make it to the wedding a chance to experience it! Video says it’s only 14 minutes long but it plays for another 10 minutes once you get to the end of it. Very strange.


  2. Jorge and I just watched it together and loved it! I got very emotional – that was so moving! May your life forever feel as special as your wedding day. Xoxoxo


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