Freshly Pressed on my Birthday

Cover of "Julie & Julia"

Cover of Julie & Julia

I must admit that when I started blogging I expected nothing less than a major book/movie deal to result from my posts. I didn’t really read blogs, but I had just finished Julie & Julia and it seemed entirely possible to make a career out of blogging.

And then reality set in.

After about six months of consistent blogging, I had about forty followers; not nearly enough readers to warrant a six-figure book deal. I viewed WordPress‘ Freshly Pressed page every day and wondered how I could get featured. Honestly, I envied other blogger’s success.

After about a year of blogging, something had changed. I really enjoyed writing, and looking back at old posts. I enjoyed reading other blogs, and building a network of online writers. I forgot about my lofty, and ridiculous goals, because really they weren’t serving me.

And then yesterday, on my birthday, I was notified that my post would be on Freshly Pressed.

I had completely forgotten about Freshly Pressed. I felt like one of those women who say that they found love as soon as they stopped looking. I have received over 400 hundred emails in the past 12 hours my post has been on Freshly Pressed. I am slowly responding to all the thoughtful comments, and viewing the blogs of the people who lived the post, but it’s going to take a while. The sudden outpour of support and encouragement felt better than I could imagine. I am so appreciative of the exposure Freshly Pressed gave me, and my only piece of advice to anyone who wants to get on it is this:

Keep writing 🙂


  1. Congratulations! I visited your blog because it was “Freshly Pressed”, and am enjoying reading it. Thanks for the inspiration to those of us a year or so behind you. 😉

    Little Bird’s Dad


  2. This is definitely the inspiration I needed to keep going! It has been one year since I started blogging “for real” and I know there more to come if I just keep chipping away at the words in my crazy head. Thanks for posting this, good luck and great blog!


  3. Thank you for placing a link on your page, I had no idea until today. You see most times I’m trapped in my delusional world with no key… When I’m let out is always a surprise to me….


  4. Thought I would pay a contra visit and congratulate once again. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling and it looks like you got a great birthday present. Keep blogging, see you around


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