Taking A Giant Step Forward

On the Way group picOn Wednesday, October 9, I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do! A new bookstore opened up in my neighborhood, so I called the owner and asked if I could set up a reading with fellow emerging authors. I was so nervous to make this call, and honestly I put it off for over a week, but I was amazed at how receptive the owner was. We got into a long discussion about how Amazon was great for discounts, but it could never provide the sense of community a brick and mortar bookstore provides. I thanked her for having the courage to open an indie bookstore and she thanked me for getting involved.

So now my writing group and I will be reading from our novels-in-progress, and seeking feedback from a wider audience. The idea still sends shivers down my spine, but I’m super excited despite the nerves. If you’re in the area on that night, you should definitely come by and check it out!

Eventbrite - A Night with On the Way Writing Group


  1. Oh so very good (and brave!) of you. I was approached recently about the idea of participating in a reading at our library. I gulped and agreed. The idea scares me to death. But like supporting the indie bookstores, I like supporting the libraries too.


  2. Congratulations! Often, the first step is the hardest, isn’t it? Even though I’m many states away, I still applaud the opening of an actual book store. There’s just something about browsing and turning pages before you buy that makes the experience so much more rewarding. Enjoy your new group!


  3. You can use my work if it helps you. I am recently finishing up my novel on The Record Killer, it is a serial killer with a twist. I have someone in Australia working on it to publish it. If you would like the first Chapter and want to give it a read it is on my blog. Let me know what you think of it. Sincerely, Barry


  4. Yay Tracy. What a great idea. Wish I was in the area to come check it out. Happy to hear someone is still willing to open an indie bookstore. There’s nothing like that where I live. Only Barnes and Noble. I know you’ll do great. Hey, if you really feel brave, take a video sometimes and post a snippet here so we can all feel like we got to participate with you 🙂


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