Where the Sidewalk Ends (Part 2)

In my last post I wrote about the beginning of our walk from the northern tip of Manhattan to the most southern tip. Walking south of the George Washington bridge, we stumbled on some churches with unique architecture. At one point, we crossed a Jehovah’s Witness church that was just getting out, and we walked through a crowd of people who were more dressed up than I’ve ever seen in my life (lace gloves, hats, canes as accessories, parasols, you name it). We felt pretty shabby.

In another twenty blocks, we arrived on the hallow blocks of Columbia University. It’s very easy to think you haven’t aged at all since college until you surround yourself with college students. Mike and I felt ancient. It didn’t help that we were sore from walking for over an hour.

We almost reached the hundred block mark without realizing it, but we were distracted by a party for the Pope. One of the great things about NYC is that there is always a party go on.

100 blocks down, nearly 200 to go 🙂 In the next installment, I’ll show you some of my favorite buildings!

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  1. Again, LOVE this. Right up my alley. When my husband and I visit new cities, I’m forever snapping pictures of the architecture. Such art and imagination in those older buildings, especially! And I love when old churches with ornate details are tucked in the midst of more modern drabness. My hometown of Pittsburgh is like that. My husband is used to me getting down on my back (OK I don’t do that too often) just so I can get an angle of a building I like. 😉 Can’t wait for part III!


    1. Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities! I visited it for the first time last year and thought it was the perfect place to live. The houses are all so distinct and beautiful, and I loved all the history. I can totally understand getting on the ground for the perfect picture 🙂


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