And The Winner Is…

A few days ago I posted an interview with C.B. Bryza, author of Are You My Boyfriend?. I asked readers:

Do you think it’s necessary to seek out a partner, or do you believe he/she will come to you when it’s the right time?

The winner will receive a copy of the book. I chose Dave because his comment was really touching:

I don’t think it’s necessary to search, but that the one meant for you will show up in your life at the appointed time. It may sound corny, but I fell in love with my wife the first moment we met. It was her eyes and the way they lit up when we talked, and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. I’m blessed all these years later because I do think I was fortunate enough to find my soul mate. Maybe they don’t really exist, but for this guy, they do :-)

Thank you to all who participated, and don’t forget you can still get your own copy using this link, or you can follow up with all the exciting book events on Facebook.


    1. Exactly. It’s a parody on a children’s book so it’s cute and humorous but heartfelt and definitely meant for adults. Check it out!


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