Flash Fiction Friday: Red Roses

This week’s spark sentence, “I don’t know what to say,” came from an anonymous reader. Thanks! Please leave your spark sentence in the comment section below so I can base next week’s flash fiction on it. (If you’re confused, read this post).


rosesRed roses came at 11 a.m., Friday morning. Sarah ripped the envelope open and read the card that came with the bouquet. “I don’t know what to say,” floated in the middle of cream card stock. She furrowed her brow, but found a vase, and tried not to over think it.

The next week the roses came at noon on the dot. The card read, “but I’ll find the right words.” Sarah threw out last week’s dried bouquet and replaced it with the fresh roses, thick with soft, crimson petals.

Two weeks went by and nothing came. Sarah didn’t clean up any of the petals that fell to the table. She let them collect there like a private version of autumn. Sarah wondered what she did wrong.

It was a surprise when the delivery guy rang the next Friday. “So what’s the deal with all these flowers?” he asked, as Sarah signed the receipt, her shaky hands revealing her excitement. “I’m not quite sure,” she said, taking the bouquet and holding it close to her heart. She opened the envelope as soon as the door closed behind the delivery man. “OK, here goes. I’m your neighbor but I’d like to be more.”

Sarah read the note again, then let it drop to the floor. She opened her door and found the guy who lived in the apartment next to her holding up another bouquet of roses. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said with a smile.

Sarah walked up to him. “I think you found the right words,” she said, barely containing her smile. When they hugged red roses surrounding them.

Happy Valentine’s day!


    1. I know! As I was writing at I couldn’t figure out who to make the love interest and then I noticed Christina’s book, so I chose the neighbor 🙂 It’s a collaborative piece, I guess.


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