Wedding video

One year ago, I made the best and easiest decision of my life by marrying Mike! He fills my life with the perfect mix of joy, sincerity, goofiness, affection and accountability. Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if I hadn’t been on on the same week he was. It’s amazing how your entire life can depend on such random coincidences.

In honor of our one year anniversary, I’m reposting our wedding video. Sam June did such an incredible job on this video. I could watch it every day 🙂 My favorite part is toward the end when all of our friends are dancing. It’s a treasure to have this beautifully edited time capsule of one of the best moments in our life.

Tracy & Mike’s Wedding Feature Film – Full Moon Resort from Arius Photo on Vimeo.

When I was in elementary school we had to give a presentation on our wish for the world. My wish was that everyone has a best friend. As an adult, my wish is that everyone can find a partner who is their best friend.


  1. I don’t remember watching this before, so of course I had to watch it now 🙂 What a lovely video, Tracy. I enjoyed seeing all those snippets from your wedding day. You were a beautiful bride, and Mike seems like a wonderful husband for you. Thanks for sharing on your anniversary.


  2. Tracy, I enjoyed watching it a second time as much as I did the first. Happy Anniversary to you & Mike!


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