Don’t Compare Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

dontcompare Such a great quote and couldn’t be more relevant in book publishing–literally.

Don’t let reading an amazing book stop you from starting yours.

Don’t let your rough draft linger because it’s not good enough–that’s what editing is for.

Don’t compare the beginning of your career to another writer’s middle.

Don’t compare your book deal with anyone else’s.

Don’t be jealous of other authors. It should only spur you on to think if they can do it, so can you.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s only one way to publish.

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  1. Such great encouragement. How easy it is to start comparing your writing to another’s. The worse is when I compare myself to someone’s published work, forgetting that they won’t through multiple drafts of “ick” and editing to get to what I’m reading!


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