Improvising a better reward system

wpid-20130603_113238.jpgLast year I wrote that if you have a long-term goal, it’s important to reward the milestones. This helps you celebrate the process and not just the outcome.

My two long-term goals are publishing a novel, and launching a career from the HeSo Project. I came up with my milestones and rewards and taped them to my desk so I can see them whenever I work.

It was really hard coming up with rewards and I found myself just listing the nicer version of everything I already own. A few months ago, I reached one of my goals (1,000 blog followers) and bought myself a pair of boots. My trip to Idaho was a reward for finishing my first draft of the novel. While I love my boots, rewarding myself with an experience that will have a long-term impact on my creativity was much more …well…rewarding.

2014-03-20 11.35.51

As I reach another goal (2,000 followers!), I decided to cross out all the materialistic rewards and replace them with fun experiences I’ve always wanted to try.

My husband took an improv class at The Pit last year and he had so much fun. I’ve always wanted to take an improv classes but I used money as an excuse not to do it, when the real reason was I was an intimidated by it. Well I already have a bunch of purses, so I crossed that off and signed up for a four week improv class!

I’m a little nervous, but I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing lessons of improv.

By the way, if you’ve never read this short little gem, Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, I’d highly recommend it.


  1. I bet you will get a TON out of it. I can’t wait to hear what you learn. Invite us to the graduation show!


    1. This particular class doesn’t have a graduation show, but I will invite you all if I sign up for future classes. I definitely think this is a skill I can bring to Brutal First Impressions!


  2. You will completely knock this one out of the park Tracy. I can’t wait to follow you on your next dream!!


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