This HeSo is now 30 years old!!!

Here’s what I thought being 30 would look like over the years:

  • When I was 10, I thought I would be a veterinarian and have 4 daughters named Cornelia, Caitlin, Catrina, and Cordelia.
  • When I was 20. I thought I would be running an international non-profit and have two kids names Charley Bell, and Tristan.
  • When I was 25, I thought I would have published at least two books and have one child.


I love picturing my future and coming up with goals, but I think it’s important to constantly reevaluate my path. Here’s how I’m picturing my new 30.

  • Host more amazing writers conferences! (I’m working out the plans for the fall conference already)
  • Get a literary agent.
  • Determine what to do with Brutal First Impressions. (Is this something I want to keep doing or do I want to invest that energy into my writing and other ideas?)

And who knows, maybe this list will change tomorrow. It’s my birthday and I can do anything I want 😛

How can you not lover her???

This baby’s now 30


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