What’s in your Calendar?

busy calendarIf someone looked at your calendar, what would they think?

You work too much?

You don’t do enough?

You really make time for family?

You need a vacation?

Your calendar reveals your priorities – it shows what you are willing to devote your time to.

A few weeks ago I realized that it was easy for me to schedule time for networking, time for meeting up with friends, and time for work, but I wasn’t scheduling the personal activities I wanted to do. There was an exhibit at a local museum that I wanted to see for weeks but somehow I kept forgetting to go. Finally, I chose a date and time to go and put it in my calendar. Once I put it in my calendar, I noticed that there were so many times people asked me to do something on that date and I got to say, “sorry, I already have something planned.” If I hadn’t made it a priority and put it in my schedule, I would have ended up doing one of the other activities and ignoring my wishes.

Tonight I’m going to the Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image! In three weeks I’m going to Selected Shorts to hear a tribute to Chuck Palahniuk. If I hadn’t put these events on my calendar, I would have missed them. I’m looking forward to scheduling more fun things just for myself. Now when I look at my calendar I think, “that’s a nice balance!”

Let me know what your calendar says about you! Leave a comment below. I hope you start adding some fun activities and treating yourself well!