How to Make a Movie: the budget

I can’t believe how much has happened in the last few weeks! We have an all-star cast for Lily + Mara (more on this soon), an uber-talented crew, a location in Staten Island, and now an IndieGoGo campaign.

While I’ve had a lot of experience writing screenplays, I’ve never been on the production end of a film and it’s been eye-opening to watch the budget come together. Here is the general overview of the costs:

  • filming and location permits
  • transportation for cast and crew
  • props and costumes
  • feeding the cast and crew
  • paying the crew and talent
  • equipment rentals; camera, lighting and sound
  • insurance – so much insurance!
  • post production: film and sound editing, color correction, prints
  • festival fees!

If you want to support a couple of passionate dreamers, if you think there needs to be more women making films, if you want to see a beautiful film about the bond of sisterhood, or if you’re just an awesome generous person, please consider donating to our campaign.

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