Purple Hair (Part 2) the reveal

Apparently I chose a color that’s on trend and impossible to find. I wanted a look that went from black to dark violet to silvery lavender. The fist beauty supply store didn’t have the colors and told us to go to Wigs and Plus to get the lavender dye. Ashley, ever the trooper, made the trek only to find out they have been sold out of lavender for three months. While searching high and low for this dye, Ashley ended up running into the actual Ricky of Ricky’s NYC, a specialty beauty supply store that’s awesome. He told her there was no way she’d ever find lavender dye and gave her the recipe for making it (3oz of clear dye, 1 oz of pink and a drop of violet dye).

So yesterday we got started on the purple ombre!


I washed out the dye and started styling. I love how it came out! Mermaid hair!!!

Now that it’s done I have no idea why I waited so long. A HUGE thank you to Ashley for your time, encouragement, and artistry!

Purple Hair (Part 1)

Saying goodbye to my boring hair!

Saying goodbye to my boring hair!

If it’s a not broke, don’t fix it.

This old adage plays in my head whenever I think about doing something fun with my hair. I have beautiful hair. It’s something that I always get complimented on. It seems crazy to destroy good hair with bleach and color, but that’s what I’m doing. For the last few years, I’ve been itching to do something different and now’s the time!

With the help of my wonderful friend, Ashley, I’m adding some purple, my favorite color, to my hair!

Yesterday, Ashley came to my apartment and spent nearly five hours bleaching my hair. I wanted a lavender ombre (gets lighter at the tips),  so it required a few steps. First Ashley bleached the bottom half of my hair.

I washed it out and dried it. But we're not done...

I washed it out and dried my hair. But we’re not done…

I love the way the two colors look braided together.

I love the way the two colors look braided together.

Stay tuned to see what it looks like once we add the purple!