call for submissions

Flash Fiction Friday

On the heels of my ever-popular Mini Memoir Monday series (insert golf claps, please), I’ve come up with a new, interactive series called Flash Fiction Friday!

Every Friday I will be posting a short piece of fiction (250-1000 words) based on a line that you, my wonderful reader, writes.

So here’s how it works: Leave a comment in this post with one sentence you would like included in an original story. It can be the opening line, the last line, or somewhere in between. I’ll pick the sentence I like best and write a short piece that includes it, and then post it next Friday with a shout out to whoever submitted the line.

Want to play? Submit your line below in the comment section 🙂

A Call for Submissions

I’d love to read your mini memoirs, and I’m sure my readers would too! If you would like to be a part of the Mini Memoir Monday series, please submit a memoir that’s 500-1500 words. This memoir can be goofy, sad, or just odd. The key to a mini memoir is that you pick a specific moment in time – in other words I don’t want a brief recap of your entire life. I prefer short glimpses into people’s lives; stories that raise more questions than answers.

Forward this to any of your friends who might have good tales 🙂

If you’d like to submit, fill out this contact form, and in the comment section you can include the attachment.

Looking forward to reading your stories!