dreams come true

Making Dreams Happen!

reamsNearly two years ago I had the desire to create an inspirational conference for my readers. Writing a novel, starting a businesses, and getting married were huge (and happy) distractions from this dream. Now I’m proud to say on Saturday, May 17, I will be hosting a conference for writers!

This is a fast pace conference with 7 presenters sharing a wide range of writing expertise, from freelance work, to mentoring, to getting an agent, to publishing.  After the presentations, there will be an hour to socialize and network with the presenters. My hope is that people will leave this conference with practical tips, motivation, and a larger support network for their dreams. And it’s FREE!

Here’s the link to register. Space is limited, so please only register if you’re absolutely positive you can come.

So how did I get this dream rolling?

  1. I developed the idea as I went along. All I knew was that I wanted quick presentations with lots of socializing. When I started asking people to join me, they shared their ideas and it was easy to incorporate them into my general concept.
  2. I focused on the little steps. If I had thought about everything that I had to do to organize the event, I probably would have gotten overwhelmed. Instead, I only emailed one person a day.
  3. I thought about it like it was already successful. For a while I only had one person confirmed, but I talked about the event like it was already well established. This sense of delusion not only helped others believe in the idea, but it helped me stay committed.
  4. I was selfish. I kept thinking about what I wanted to see, and what I wanted from a conference. Now I have a conference that I would love to go to, and I’m certain others would enjoy as well.

I hope you can join us at the conference!

The Realization

Sorry for not posting more frequently, I’ve been very busy at my part time job teaching ESL this week. But I did want to share a big decision I’ve made this week.

Since I came up with the BeddyBye idea I’ve read a lot about entrepreneurship. All the advice suggests that you ask yourself how involved do you want to be. Do you see yourself running the day to day operations of the business, or would you rather develop the concept and then sell it?

For a long time I was certain that I would want to run the day to day operations – work with manufacturers, run the website, organize the shipping and inventory, and improve marketing. However, when I think about how much is involved with manufacturing it is overwhelming. There is a reason why so few people enter the manufacturing business, or sell their ideas to an established business- the start up costs are so high for an individual entrepreneur. I realized that I don’t want that to be my full time job.

I have decided to take a month long break from BeddyBye and then I will focus on selling the idea. I think the best option is to get a provisional patent and then sell the idea with the website domain and the LLC. I want to see my dream realized, but when I’m honest with myself, I recognize that I don’t have the energy, drive, or money to handle the manufacturing hurdle. In other words, I would like someone with the experience and resources to take over.

But don’t feel bad for me. I don’t look at this as a failure or as settling. When I set out on the HeSo project my goal was to take my dreams and ambitions more seriously. My goal was not to focus all my attention on one idea. So if I am able to downsize the BeddyBye project, teach ESL (which I love), and work on my exciting next project (which I will write about in the next month or so) I will be true to my HeSo.