Eat Pray Love

Women are not that bad

I was browsing the aisles of a small book store when I overheard two young women talking.

“I’m trying to remember the title of that memoir that’s supposed to be like the male version of Eat Pray Love,” one said.

“Oh, I bet the male version would be much better!” the other said.

“I know! I can’t stand women authors. They’re so self-indulgent.”

Just recounting this story makes me shake my fist and say out loud “Why I oughta!” And let me remind you that these were women. I picked up a large book to hide behind and followed them around the store. I learned that they were English majors at NYU. COME ON! Was their dream to one day put their heart and soul into a novel just to have two catty girls dismiss it  because the author wears a bra? Why were they hating on women authors? It was like their professor told them that women can’t write and so they had to repeat the sentiment to sound smart. I would read Barbara Kingsolver over William Faulkner any day.

And so, in the spirit of defending my gender, I am posting a link to one of my favorite TED talks and it happens to be by a woman – Elizabeth Gilbert. I love her vulnerability and insight when she talks about the effect of fear on creative people.