How to Make a Movie: Location location location

Last week, Caroline and I visited Long Beach, NY as a possible site for our short film. This was such an exciting part of the filmmaking process. After finishing the script, it was so much fun to imagine the characters we created in a real space.

Please enjoy our recap of the location, and ignore my awkward joke:

We spent several hours walking around the beach, pinpointing specific angles we liked and possible settings for different shots. It was a great way for us to talk about how we envisioned the movie.

We still have a few more locations to scout, but progress is being made! More to come on our first production meeting, and the audition process.

In the meantime, please like our official facebook page, and follow our new twitter acount for the film. We’ve been blown away by how supportive and encouraging everyone has been so far. Every like, comment and follow goes a long way in making this crazy dream feel more attainable.

How to Make A Movie: Right Attitude

2014-03-23 15.58.32Practice saying this out loud: “why the hell not!” I promise this attitude will take you far in life.

As I recounted in my past posts about making a movie, I had a great first meeting with Caroline. I was taken with her enthusiasm and ambition. It was clear that we both had great ideas and we were both looking for an opportunity to showcase our talents.

A week after our first meeting I wrote to her, “I think we should just jump for it and make a short :)” That simple statement got the ball rolling. In a matter of weeks, we had a script ready and a crew forming.

It’s so easy to make excuses and convince yourself that you’re not ready, but it’s just as easy to say “why the hell not!” That attitude evokes a playfulness with your life. It makes you realize how pointless it is to resist your curiosity and excitement.

I’ve learned that once you commit to a project, the details take care of themselves. You can tackle the problems as they come. However, if you try to consider and tackle all of the intimidating details before you even start, you probably won’t get past that phase. Take the plunge because…why the hell not!?!

What would you do with a “why the hell not” attitude?

How to make a movie: Show up

As I said in the last post, I’m making a movie with my friend Caroline!

While it’s easy to research how to make a movie online, I’m addressing some of the crucial, universal steps that often get overlooked with any major project.

This step is so simple and so obvious, but, yet, so many people fail to do it.

Step 2: Show up

This simple step is two-fold. One, make concrete plans. Two, follow them.

Here’s an example of the infuriating email exchange I have way too often:

Them: … I’d love to meet up and talk further …

Me: … I’m free for coffee the next two Sundays, or I can work around your schedule if Sunday’s not possible. Just let me know!

Them: Yay! I’d love to catch up.

Me: Great! What is your schedule like?

Them: (three months later) Sooo Sorry, my schedule got super busy. Can we still meet up?

Me: … I’m available after 6pm any day next week.

Them: no response.

If you want to make things happen, you have to commit to a date. Be proactive and offer concrete options, not vague plans. Yes, you might end up having to say no to another event that sounds cooler, but it’s worth it.

Now for the second part of this step. Sometimes you can’t show up no matter how hard you try. Last week, my back was killing me and I had to cancel lots of plans. But in general, make every effort to keep your word. If you plan to meet at 7pm on a Tuesday, show up at 6:50 on a Tuesday. This will get you far in life.

I knew Caroline and I were going to hit off before we even met because in our first email exchange, we made concrete plans, and then we both showed up. Seems simple, but somehow it’s still rare.

Stay tuned for more steps! A lot’s happening and I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂