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Wedding Fairy Godmother

Do you ever feel like there’s someone eavesdropping on your conversation with the express purpose of making your day? Right before the wedding, I was talking to someone who just got married and she told me that I’d really regret not getting a videographer for the event. I looked it up online and the costs were just too expensive for a last-minute addition.

The next day, my amazing photographer, Elizabeth Unterman, wrote to me to ask if we’d let her friend film our wedding. For real?!? Samantha June from Arius Photo did such an incredible job. I have never seen so much energy and spirit caught on film. Every time I watch the video I feel like I’m right back at the wedding. I cannot believe we almost passed up on getting a video, and the only piece of advice I’d give any bride-to-be is GET A GREAT VIDEOGRAPHER! And if you live in the New York area GET SAMANTHA JUNE!

Now enjoy the world’s best wedding video:

Tracy & Mike’s Wedding Feature Film – Full Moon Resort from samantha june on Vimeo.


Vendor Appreciation

Before I start posting pictures of our wedding, I first have to give a huge thanks to the vendors that made the wedding so relaxed and fun.

The Venue:

Full Moon Resort was the perfect site for our wedding. We wanted a place that was relatively close to NYC, but still felt really remote. Since there’s no cell service there people were forced to really take the weekend off. All of our guests stayed for the weekend in little cabins scattered all over the mountain. We had a BBQ and bonfire the night before the wedding which really set the tone for the weekend. Full Moon helped us plan everything down to the second so that I didn’t have to worry about anything on the day of the wedding. It was one of the main reasons why we had so much fun!


Everyone kept asking us how we found the place, it felt so hidden, but the truth is it was the first venue we found when I did a google search for weddings in the Catskills. I looked at the website and knew it was perfect, but I kept looking just to be sure. When I realized that I was comparing everything else to Full Moon I knew it was the one.


The flowers:

Jim Williams of Elderberry Flowers was a pleasure to work with. He made these delicate centerpieces that looked like wildflowers growing in the woods. I thought it fit the venue to a tee! He made certain that we were always on the same page and gave me great advice.



The Rings:

We ordered these from James Christian on Etsy. I was a little worried about ordering our wedding rings online, but we wanted to buy directly from the artist. They were really good about expediting the delivery (because we kind of did it last minute). We inscribed the rings with lines from our wedding song, It’s Only Time by The Magnetic Fields. Mine says “Walk your lands” and Mike’s says “Swim your seas.”


Make up:

My friend, and bridesmaid, Mandi, did my make up. We spent a few weekends at Sephora picking out the rights shades and look. Ren, my other bridesmaid, was on hand for making jokes.


It really felt like one big sleepover!

The Officiant:

Choosing an officiant was a no-brainer. I grew up going to Ethical Culture and the leader of our chapter, Bart Worden, has been a close family friend since I was a baby.  He gave us a beautiful personalized ceremony.


The D.J.:

This was one of the only things Mike and I disagreed on: I can’t stand wedding bands – I don’t want to pay extra to hear the karaoke version of my favorite songs. Mike is a musician so of course he wanted to employ as many live musicians as possible. Eventually I won! Alex Mazur did such a great job. he really kept the energy up, and he played all the songs we requested (and none of the songs we hate).


My hubby really knows how to move!


No dance party is complete without props!


The Cake Cookies:

Mike and I are big cookie fans. I could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  A special thanks to Mike’s mom and Aunt who baked over 300 cookies for the wedding! They were delicious. The best part was we could eat them while we were dancing. They even made us a giant cookie so we could do the traditional cutting ceremony.



The Photographer:

Elizabeth Unterman was amazing at capturing every moment without ever getting in the way. She was so calming whenever we spoke on the phone and helped us get organized. I loved the creative pictures she took, as well as the photobooth we set up during the after party.


Tracy & Mike Sayre's Wedding