Law of Attraction

If I write it, it will come

I hope everyone’s safe on the east coast. There’s no public transportation in NYC so at least I’m getting a lot of writing done 🙂

Lisa Bourque, the great life coach, recommended that I write about my perfect job. Sometimes just knowing exactly what you want helps you to get it, and sometimes just putting it out into the cosmos helps you get it. So here is my job description:

Dear Universe,

I want a job that intimidates me. Every day there’s something new to learn and there’s room to grow. I work with a team of energetic, passionate people and there’s always a long term goal in mind. There’s something new to do every day, and I have some flexibility on my responsibilities and my schedule. I’m very good at noticing what needs to be improved so I would like the authority to be able to make changes. I’m great at organizing people and motivating them, so I would like to be managing several people, but I don’t need to do that right away. I actually enjoy giving presentations and public speaking.

The actual job title is vague. Sometimes I wish I had a clear career path that would help me focus my job search, but I’m truly open-minded and adaptable. I’m a competent person and I believe I could do most jobs (very well). I don’t mind working with numbers, or in sales, or logistics, but my main goal is working with people, and more specifically people who enjoy themselves at work. I love making friends with my co-workers and when it comes down to it, I would be spending the bulk of my waking hours with them so it’s important that they’re cool.

Salary can be from $50,000-$500,000 (anything above that would just be gratuitous :P) with full health benefits, retirement contributions, and cool benefits like a gym membership, or a self-improvement stipend (I know companies that have this!). Oh, and I want at least 20 vacation days (heck I said it was my dream job).The only way I would accept a lower salary is if I get in early with an exciting start-up, where I can have a lot of influence and there’s a promise of financial reward eventually.

OK that’s my description of my dream job. Thank you, Universe, for your time. I look forward to meeting you at your convenience.


Tracy Young

p.s. I would really like to get this job by the end of November, if that’s at all possible.

Universal Coffee

A few years ago The Law of Attraction was a big buzz word. The Secret was selling like crazy and all of a sudden people were obsessed with positive and negative energy. I didn’t want to read the book because, well, um,  geez, I don’t know why. I was in art school and I guess I felt the need to reject all things pop culture.

One day, while I was stuck in a train station in Boston, I perused the selection at a bookstore and picked up a copy of The Secret. I flipped to a random page and read something like this, “If you don’t believe the universe delivers, ask for something simple like a cup of coffee.” I rolled my eyes and asked, “hey universe, can I have a cup of joe?” I did not end up purchasing the book.

I moved to the lounge and waited to get the track number for my train. The lounge was busy and I needed to share a table with a stranger. As soon as I sat down the overhead speaker announced that all trains would be delayed for a half hour. The man next to me sighed, looked over at me, and asked if I would like a cup of coffee. Chills went down my back. I politely said no, trying not to scare the poor stranger with my revelation.

Looking back, I feel bad for not accepting that cup of coffee. I am currently reading The Artist’s Way, and she believes in the power of synchronicity – as soon as you know what to look for you’ll find it. She argues that most people don’t know what they want, and if they do  they aren’t afraid of not getting what they want, they’re actually afraid of getting it.

That day in Boston I was testing the universe. If I was never offered coffee I would have been fine with it. In fact it would have affirmed my skepticism in all things metaphysical. The simple offer of coffee forced me to question my beliefs. Could the universe actually care about what little old me wants? It also makes me wonder how many real opportunities I’ve turned down because it was scary. Have you ever turned down something you want because it scared you?