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The magic of 750

If you were to hack into my email account you’d find something very strange. For the past three weeks my fiance has been sending me a blank email with the subject line: done. I respond with the word ditto. You would have no idea that this simple exchange has helped me to write over 20 pages about Albert Einstein and has helped Mike create music.

Three weeks ago Mike and I were kvetching about how hard it is to motivate ourselves to be creatively productive – even though that’s the one thing we really want to do. We realized that one of the challenges is that it really doesn’t matter if we don’t produce. The world won’t stop turning, no one’s going to yell at us, and we’re not going to get an F on our report card. The only one who cares is ourselves, and when we don’t work on our creative endeavors it leads to guilt, and then doubt, and then we sit and wonder if we really want to be writers/ composers/ artists at all. It’s too hard to rely on intrinsic motivation. What we needed was some gentle external motivation.

That’s when I remembered an article I read in O magazine months ago. A writer made a pact with her friend that she would write 750 words a day, and when she was done, she would email her friend the word: done. She didn’t share the writing, just the simple fact that it was done. I didn’t think highly of the process when I read the article, but when Mike and I were trying to think of a way to motivate each other this came to mind.

Mike, who wants to compose music, said he would spend at least 30 minutes a day on it. I said I would write at least 750 words. We promised that we would each send each other an email when we were done.

I cannot tell you how much this has helped me. I had a very ambitious idea for a story, and I was too intimidated to start it. The first morning I checked my email and saw Mike’s done, I gritted my teeth and started writing. I had no idea what to write so I started writing about the character in my head. It’s been like this every day. When I get his email I reluctantly open my word document, but after about 200 words I’m totally engrossed. I usually end up writing far more than 750 words, but I still feel just as accomplished when I do the bare minimum – those are the days that I really didn’t feel like writing, so it means even more to me that I actually did it.

It’s a very small unit of work, but when done consistently it builds up quickly. The great thing about this tip is that you can do it with anyone since you’re really not asking them to do anything except receive an email from you once a day. If you start doing this, let me know how it goes!

Free Giveaway!!!


Most people close to me know that I’m a huge fan of Oprah. Ok I was a little bit obsessed. When I was in high school I rushed home so I wouldn’t miss a minute of her show. I remember thinking I would never be able to have a 9-5 job because then I would miss Oprah (that was before tivo).

There are few other celebrities that have so much dignity, vulnerability, and a continuing drive for self improvement. I find her completely inspiring and I love her for the stories and causes she brings to my attention.

After her show ended (and yes I cried a lot) I got a subscription to O magazine. It was the first magazine I read that wasn’t about celebrity gossip or the best jeans for every figure. In ever glossy issue there’s a reading list, financial/spiritual/ health advice, motivating interviews, eye-opening investigations, and yes, some beauty and fashion. In my eyes, it’s the best magazine out there.

And now for the giveaway… It’s time to renew my subscription, but they gave me the option of sending a free subscription to a friend! I figured I would extend that offer to my blog friends. So if you would like to win a free year subscription to O magazine, please leave a comment telling me about your favorite Oprah moment. On Wednesday at 10pm I will choose a winning comment at random ! Good Luck!!!