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Not Everything Is about You

I’m always amazed by how egotistical people can be–especially when it comes to something negative.

I recently wrote a post for my Brutal First Impressions blog titled, 10 Signs You’re a Bad Friend, and I got texts from friends asking if I was referring to something they did. I wrote this list based on the complaints my friends have had about other friends over the years.

When I wrote a post about women who wear too much make up, people asked me if I was writing about them. I wrote this post after seeing a group women on the subway whose natural beauty was disguised under a thick mask of make up. I wanted to shake their shoulders and yell, “stop wearing so much make up,” but instead I wrote a blog post.

rubensIn college I made a painting of an obese woman, and more than one person asked if I based it on them. The woman in the painting was about four times the size of the people who asked me. It was an exaggeration of a Peter Paul Ruben’s woman.

Why are we so vain when it comes to the wrong things?

If I wrote a post thanking an anonymous person who has changed my life because of his/her friendship, I don’t think a single person would ask me if I was writing about them. Funny how we think the negative slights are about us, but not the positive praise.

I wonder why this is. Any thoughts?