My wounded HeSo

Yep. Not so pretty. This picture sums up how I´m feeling right now. I studied verb tenses for six hours yesterday. When I came home to my host family I tried to use what I learned and I  went blank.  I just had four hours of grammar class. I kind of understood the first hour. The last last three hours were just kicking a dead horse. A very tired, dead horse. A tired, stupid, dead horse.

Sometimes I think what´s the point. I´ll never learn Spanish. It´s too complicated. I can barely speak English. But I will prevail. As my friend from Turkey told me when he saw me coming out of class looking like I just ran a marathon, ¨Pena es antes de divertido.¨ (pain is before fun)

Maybe my headache has nothing to do with grammar. Maybe it´s because this is what´s considered a ¨glass¨of wine here:Anyways, I feel bad complaining about my time here. And since I don´t want that horrible picture of me to haunt you, I´ll leave you with a much nicer one:

That´s what I see when I walk home every night. Can´t complain.