I Finally Get Twitter

twitterTwitter seems like a requirement for anyone with a business or a message. Everyone has it but I didn’t know a single person who actually liked it. When I asked friends if they were on twitter their responses sounded more like “Yeah I floss.”

Setting up my account for Writers Work (yes, please follow my new twitter handle), I finally saw why tweeting is fun. The key is you can’t just tweet about your own material and then never read the wall. Here’s why you should spend some time on twitter:

  • Unlike facebook, you don’t have to scroll through a thousand ads.
  • You can connect with big names. For instance, I was reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book and I wrote a message about it, using her handle, and she wrote back to me in seconds! You can’t do that with any other social media platform.
  • You can get really focused news. For instance, with my Heso twitter handle I follow a variety of people, but with my Writers Work account, I only follow writers. Now when I go on my twitter account for WW, I get to see hundreds of quotes about writing, and encouraging articles.
  • It’s really fast. Sometimes I don’t post things to my blog because it’s just a short thought, however that thought is perfect for twitter. I can post it, and go back to my writing without working for an hour to develop that thought into a fleshed out blog post.
  • It’s really easy to develop a following. I picked up 100 followers in the last week just because I’ve been posting more and following more people.

For a long time I didn’t see the point of twitter. All the hashtags and @ symbols were confusing and unpleasant to read. I didn’t spend any time reading other people posts. Nothing would happen when I posted a link to my blog. Like everything, the more you put into it the more you get out of it. You need to click the favorite button on tweets you like. You need to retweet the posts you like. Soon, people will start doing that for you!

Who are some people you would recommend following on twitter?

Social Media

There have been so many forms of social media I swore I would never use. Starting a blog was top of the list, but that didn’t last long if you can tell. Next it was twitter, but sure enough you can’t have a blog without tweeting. And last, but not least, I swore I would never join LinkedIn. I didn’t want to be on an adult version of Facebook.

Everyone seems to love LinkedIn and I had to see what all the fuss was about…so I joined.

It was so easy to create a profile, and it was a lot of fun scrolling down the list of my email connections and seeing everyone’s job titles. In a glimpse I got to see how successful my college alumni have become, and it was really motivating.

As much as I try to resist social media it keeps drawing me back. But I’m making this digital promise: I will never use four square. I have no idea what it is, and I don’t intend to.