Freshly Pressed on my Birthday

Cover of "Julie & Julia"

Cover of Julie & Julia

I must admit that when I started blogging I expected nothing less than a major book/movie deal to result from my posts. I didn’t really read blogs, but I had just finished Julie & Julia and it seemed entirely possible to make a career out of blogging.

And then reality set in.

After about six months of consistent blogging, I had about forty followers; not nearly enough readers to warrant a six-figure book deal. I viewed WordPress‘ Freshly Pressed page every day and wondered how I could get featured. Honestly, I envied other blogger’s success.

After about a year of blogging, something had changed. I really enjoyed writing, and looking back at old posts. I enjoyed reading other blogs, and building a network of online writers. I forgot about my lofty, and ridiculous goals, because really they weren’t serving me.

And then yesterday, on my birthday, I was notified that my post would be on Freshly Pressed.

I had completely forgotten about Freshly Pressed. I felt like one of those women who say that they found love as soon as they stopped looking. I have received over 400 hundred emails in the past 12 hours my post has been on Freshly Pressed. I am slowly responding to all the thoughtful comments, and viewing the blogs of the people who lived the post, but it’s going to take a while. The sudden outpour of support and encouragement felt better than I could imagine. I am so appreciative of the exposure Freshly Pressed gave me, and my only piece of advice to anyone who wants to get on it is this:

Keep writing 🙂

Beautiful Blogger

I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful blogger award! Thank you so much, Claire!

I love these awards because they introduce us to so many great blogs. Here are some more blogs that I think should receive the Beautiful Blogger Award:

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It´s all in the details

The lucky frog´s on top of the skull

I´ve been overwhelmed by the details of the Spanish language, but positively inspired by the details of Spanish architecture. As I wrote in a previous post, legend has it that if you find the frog in the fasçade of the University entrance you will get married in a year. Single women flock to the entrance every morning to try and find it. I found it yesterday! Haha, sorry Mike.

If you think it was an easy feat think again. The whole wall is carved with intricate flowers, animals, and decorations.

The fasçade of the University entrancen

People stare at it for hours until their necks get sore. The frog is only about an inch tall and it´s high up. I should start a business where I charge desperate women a euro for each hint as to where the frog is.

Here´s a funny side note. WordPress (the site that hosts my blog) shows me what links causes people to view my blog. My post about the dreaded lisp is the most visited, and I was wondering why. I have a picture of Megan Fox at the bottom, and then I saw that hundreds of people viewed the post because of the Megan Fox tag! That´s one way of getting visitors!

And now I will show you some pictures of the ceilings in Salamanca and Segovia. I´ve been blown away by the details.

In the castle of Segovia. This was the meeting room.

This ceiling is about 30 feet high and decorated with all the kings of Spain´s history. Below each one is a description of their rule and lineage. These figures are about 5 feet tall and about 20 feet above your head.

The throne room in the castle of Segovia

This ceiling is about 40 feet high. The walls are red velet. The carved section is about 10 feet wide. The detail is stunning. You can´t help but drop your mouth when you walk into this room.

The ceiling of the Cathedral of Salamanca

The massive columns of the Cathedral of Salamanca

A ceiling of the old library. All hand carved wood.

detail of the ceiling

Each color is a different marble or granite.