Writers Work Conference


The Writers Work Conference is an event that encourages creativity while connecting aspiring writers with  successful people in the publishing world. The first conference featured three published authors, three publishing executives and experts in the realms of freelance writing, blogging, and teaching. If you are interested in presenting at the next conference, or if you would like to be associated with the spirit of this event by co-sponsoring the next conference, please fill out the contact form below, or visit the official site.

Photos by Ami Photography


“I felt so lucky to find the Writers Work Conference and The HeSo Project. It can be easy to lose your way as a writer in NYC, and to feel alone in both your struggles and successes. The Conference offered the opportunity to connect with other writers in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. It’s really rare to find a project that is so dedicated to helping people be pro-active about following their dreams. I look forward to attending more Conferences with people who encourage honest conversation and brave choices.” – ​Joanna Gurin, Playwright, Teaching Artist & Founder of BewilderArts

“It was interesting and useful to attend a conference in which some of the ‘stars’ were my peers. I could compare notes and experiences with them eye-to-eye, instead of hearing from a group of people who were all light years ahead of me. Each of the panelists had a different type of story to share, and all were happy to take the time to chat afterward. The atmosphere was casual and friendly, and I made some great connections.”  —April Greene, freelance writer and editor, NYC

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